You will find all of the available downloads on this page. Please note the following:
-Commercial games that are for sale will be marked as such, otherwise they are free of charge to help support the development of Computer Repair Simulator.
-The releases on this page may contain bugs and problems, download and play at your own risk (just something I have to say).
-Computer Repair Simulator (Beta) will have debugging enabled which can log and document where bugs and problems are found. Please report all bugs and problems with Computer Repair Simulator (Beta) only, all other support questions for the non official releaes will be discarded.
-Downloads that end in “exe” are full installations, however downloads with “zip” need to be downloaded and extracted first, then run the exe within the folder.

Computer Repair Simulator Support
(all work done here is by Garrett Swindell, supporting partners / vendors are mentioned in credits and other areas to support them too)

“Computer Repair Simulator” is a registered trademark to CopperHead Studios LLC (owner Garrett Swindell).  Computer Repair Simulator Game Software is protected under Copyright with the U.S. Copyright office.


Computer Repair Simulator – V1.0.1.1 (Public Development Release)

Learn how to run the software as Administrator (required)


Computer Repair Simulator – Alpha Releases


Blades of Blood

  • Not Available Yet:  Blades of Blood Strategy>>


Isle of Polm – Survival Game


Box Game




The Realms of Chaotic Darkness


My Very First Game