Add Hardware Mod / Shop DONE!!!

Finally we have completed the mods to allow us and users to add their own custom hardware ranging from computers, computer parts, servers, racks/cabinets, KVM, UPS, to PCBs, Electronic Components, Silkscreen, Certifications, etc.  This is huge, adding new hardware will be EXTREMELY EASY, no hard code.  Have a look at some of the images.


General Update

A lot of good things are going on, including a ton of hardware additions and the user mods that link them all.  We are also developing a game launcher updater to avoid having users uninstall / install every release.  There have been a lot of changes up to this point, so having an updater was a bit tough.  Well here are some screen shots, but make sure you visit us at


Summary of Progress

A little summary of where I am at on the user modifications / shop. The entire system is built behind it so any user / developer can import an image, a model, and add some properties to the item and apply it to the game engine (the item is categorized and placed within the Computer Repair Simulator database) and this code is available now. Once in the database, the Scenario Editor will allow the user / developer to develop a scenario, whether it be building a system from the ground up, replacing / repairing hardware, diagnosing software, or just giving your friends an impossible task. In the end, you link the scenario to the world you built with the World Editor. The final scenario with all data can be played or shared with others from around the world.


Skills (complete)

After about 2 weeks of working on the skills, this stage is finally complete.  About 55% of the skills have been linked, the remainder will be linked as more development goes on. I also have added a bit of international language support (at least I am trying). I also had some good time to test most aspects of the skills with accelerated XP gain. The next item on the roadmap will be the Inventory / Shops.