World Editor Glimpse

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I don’t even know where to begin.  This level editor in itself, in combination of allowing users to import their own models (in .mdl format, typical for most game engines), and allow them to fully mod that item, and save … Continued

Bug Testers, Please Read!

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If you are reading this page, you are probably interested in helping bug test Computer Repair Simulator.  This is an open beta, which means everyone is a bug tester.  If you would like to download the latest Beta release for … Continued

Beta Release Available!

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Download Computer Repair Simulator Beta Release Now>> Please be sure to run the software as “Administrator”, you can do this by right clicking on the Computer Repair Simulator icon, and click on “run as “Administrator”.  If you do not run … Continued

Video Demo

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All of the base systems are now in place.  Now we can start to look at game content.  This game will allow you to go around town to complete missions, which include many different technical jobs ranging from fixing tvs, … Continued

Bug Monitoring System (DEBUG MODE)

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Computer Repair Simulator Computer Video Game & simulator teaches players how to build / disassemble / fix / troubleshoot equipment in a Virtual Work Environment for both Residential and Commercial applications. Everything from computers, laptops, cell phones, monitors / TVs, … Continued

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