Video Demo 11

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  Video:   Did a lot of updating to the graphics, fonts, and gameplay. Added a bunch of new skills / stats, along with new scenarios that involve desktop cases. Getting close to public demo release.

Todays Failure!

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I received this laptop today with the issue of it won’t turn on / charge the battery. The user attempted to do a home repair, which caused a stripped screw that had to be drilled. When the board was removed, … Continued

Graphics Overhaul

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  This update consists of the following: -bug fixes for the tutorial, random, and scenario modes. Some were mixed -Switching from any mode back to main menu, windows were not right, so we fixxy the bugs -GRAPHICS are being overhauled, … Continued


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While the graphics artist is creating a consistent scheme, and font style, I have been working on some bug fixes, and expanding into the outdoors.  This will have a special purpose later, but for now, at least you don’t feel … Continued

Little Update

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  It was early in the year 2014, maybe January, where I was sitting in my basement full of computers and computer hardware.  I am a collector of electronics and assemblies, the guy who thinks to himself that I will need … Continued

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