We officially own Computer Repair Simulator


Goods and Services IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: video game computer software for entertainment purposes. FIRST USE: 20150222. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20160100
Standard Characters Claimed
Serial Number 87137802
Filing Date August 14, 2016
Current Basis 1A
Original Filing Basis 1A
Owner (APPLICANT) Swindell Garrett Wade INDIVIDUAL UNITED STATES 129 Thompsonville Rd McMurray PENNSYLVANIA 15317
Type of Mark TRADEMARK
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE


Type of Work: reregistration
Type of Work Preregistered: Sound Recording
Musical Composition
Computer Program (may include a videogame)
Preregistration Number / Date: PRE000008898 / 2016-07-22
Application Title: Computer Repair Simulator
Title: Computer Repair Simulator
Copyright Claimant: Garrett Wade Swindell. Address: 129 Thompsonville Rd, McMurray, PA, 15317, United States.
Creation of Work Began: 2015-02-22 (Approximate)
Date of Anticipated Completion: 2017-12-01 (Approximate)
Projected Date of Publication: 2018-01-01 (Approximate)
Authorship on Application: Garrett Wade Swindell.
Description of Work: Computer video game, Computer Repair Simulator to teach / enjoy tech. Purpose to educate on hardware/software. With underlying code of project, can handle detailed scenarios. Run endless scenarios for players, online/offline. Code snippets used from previous unreleased projects ie Isle of Polm, Blades of Blood. Comments the code personal thoughts during development. Uses 3D Game Studio (by Conitec) Game Engine but with A7 outdated / EOL ver. GSge now supports Lite-C, but game coded w/ C-Script. Contains functions that depend on each other over thousands lines of code, but know where everything is,can quickly find source. Chat code used from previous projects which when put side by side resemble each other (files can be presented as evidence). Code structure compared to projects I created show resemblance. Availability for online distribution.Play scenario, or answer question. Complete scenario/answer question respectively, earn money, xp. Progression brings purchasing of tools/hardware/building upgrades. Market for video game enthusiasts, engineers, hardware/software, IT teams, and educational facilities.Will incorporate sound effect files, all using .wav formats for project. Common theme Video Game/Information Technology. Created using Music Maker 17, by creating a basic sound wave, and modifying it then combining with other sounds. Garrett Swindell created / engineered sound files. No genre to sound, they are short and mimic actions taken when using video game. Sound files currently supported within the project are titled “cell_ringtone2.wav”, “snd_options_tick.wav”, “sndButton_Click.wav”, “sndCPULatch.wav”, “sndRamTab.wav”, and “sndWorkOrderDone.wav”, recorded at 129 Thompsonville Rd., McMurray, PA 15317. Folder structure resembles other projects made.Music Compositions don’t contain lyrics, only rhythmic beats/riffs by drums, guitars, bass, keyboard, piano, and violins which resemble that of classical, metal, rap, and dub-step genres. Garrett Swindell composed three (3) musical compositions for which include “All Around”, “The Best Yet”, and “Inline Sight” which were all created w/ Music Maker 17 at location 129 Thompsonville Rd., McMurray, PA 15317. No record label.All can be proved by witnesses, writings, log files, source files, and how generated.
Copyright Note: C.O. correspondence.
Names: Swindell, Garrett Wade

Getting Close…

Well we are getting extremely close to a demo release and will be making our end of September target release date of the Public Alpha Demo.  Here are some things that have been worked on.
-if you lose all of your cash and it is equal or less than 0, it will reset to $500 for the demo, and add another notch to the Bankruptcy stat
-We are working on removing mission items if you cancel the mission, there was a potential threat of abuse to make in game money easily
-bug fixes with the case screws
-added new stats in game
-few other changes




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Tonight I was able to do the following:
–  Cleaned up graphics for the finances
–  coded the gas / electric / water usage
–  Added options for base fee to view scenario jobs (be careful don’t change your fee during a job too much or the BBB will sue you)
–  Added more of a balance in finances so the game is a bit more competitive
–  Added Mouse Sensitivity in options for mouse movement
–  Added Failure Rate in options for the Random Scenario (you can control the percentage of failure), the more there are, the more money the job is worth.

Getting Close to Demo Release

We have many who signed up already to be notified of the release when it is available. If you wish to sign up, all we plan on doing is sending you an email after we upload the demo before the end of September. Until then, here are some updates:

-Fixed a lot of bugs, including a bad Frame Rate bug
-Fixed some bugs from the forum
-Began adding monthly statements for credits / debits, trying to balance the game now



Video Demo 11

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Did a lot of updating to the graphics, fonts, and gameplay. Added a bunch of new skills / stats, along with new scenarios that involve desktop cases. Getting close to public demo release.

Todays Failure!

I received this laptop today with the issue of it won’t turn on / charge the battery. The user attempted to do a home repair, which caused a stripped screw that had to be drilled. When the board was removed, I noticed a hairline fracture on the main circuit that broke the internal traces for the power. Even if it could be repaired, it is a small chunk of the board that interfaces with the DC barrel connector, and would eventually get worse. I tried, but this is something I deem as a failed motherboard.


What kind of failures do others run into when fixing laptops?  Am I the only one who gets the off the wall issues?

20160907_175652 20160907_175756 20160907_180519

Graphics Overhaul











This update consists of the following:
-bug fixes for the tutorial, random, and scenario modes. Some were mixed
-Switching from any mode back to main menu, windows were not right, so we fixxy the bugs
-GRAPHICS are being overhauled, theme creation
-added capacitors to game
-updated intro video
-many other things not mentioned.

and 33,328 lines of code