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All of the base systems are now in place.  Now we can start to look at game content.  This game will allow you to go around town to complete missions, which include many different technical jobs ranging from fixing tvs, cellphones, computers, operating systems, etc.

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    1. It will come in 3 versions.

      1. Free Mode (just missing some enhanced features but is fully functional)
      2. Commercial Full (access to full mods, everything unlocked, full access to change game parameters) Retail will be $30
      3. Custom (rebranded / repurpose version for companies and schools)

  1. Absolutely. Keep in mind I will be holding promotions and in game challenges to win a free copy.

    Free Mode Supports:
    -Single Slot Level Editor (1 out of 10)
    -when you run out of money you need to start the game over (full version gives you 100 and let’s you keep playing)
    -All missions up to level 10 (full copy will have endless leveling)
    -25 slot inventory max (full copy can have thousands)
    -No access to debug commands (commercial version allows for commands to modify game play)
    -No access to in game Promotions with prized (commercial version you can win free hardware, cash, and game items)

  2. Hi I am in a computer repair class at ocean county vocational technical school and I was wondering if u want us to test it for you I am located in toms river new jersey and can u send me an email of how we can pay please cause i want to pay for the full version. Thank you

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